Wednesday, July 22, 2009

America, Home of the Brave, Land of Disenchantment

Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act of 2009

"A bill to increase public safety by permitting the Attorney General to deny the transfer of firearms or the issuance of firearms and explosives licenses to known or suspected dangerous terrorists."

However, If you are TRAINED to use firearms and explosives effectively by the government, it is okay to own said items. However, if you chose to end your service to the government, you are banned from owning said items.

What I am trying to say is this. I am a former United States Soldier. I was trained by the government to carry out violence on their behalf. Since I have been out of the Army, the Obama Administration has passed a bill stating all Iraq and Afghanistan veterans are trained in ways to disable a government. Out of fear of the soldiers they sent to war, they now have OFFICIALLY LABELED veterans as terrorists. Now, introducing S1317, means the same veterans are not allowed to purchase guns or ammunition or explosives when they end their VOLUNTARY commitment to the government. Yet, drunk Billy Joe Bob from middle Alabama can buy whatever he finds fit to start a militia, as long as they do not call it a militia and have not ever served in the military.

So, it seems that I will not be allowed to buy a Gun soon, since I am a terrorist. Thank you America. Thank you Obama. Thank you Government, becuase honestly, it is the ENTIRE SYSTEM. Whether one or two pieces of the system actually works, too bad. It is time to replace the whole damn thing.

The government fears its OWN soldiers so much that they label them terrorists and deny them a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT that they FOUGHT FOR AND BLEED FOR AND DIED FOR....

I guess I will have to rely on you readers to buy guns for me, since most of you aren't veterans. HAHAHAHAHAH...

America, Home of the Brave...Land of Disenchantment...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Smoking is a Priveledge, not a Right.

Now, I do not agree with children smoking. I am an occasional smoker. I enjoy menthol cigarettes once in a while. Not a big deal. Hell, I even have enjoyed other kinds of tobaccos. Apparently, Senate Bill 336, is to ban all flavor tobacco. Whether it is banana flavor, grape, cherry, hydro, orange, or any other flavor, it is to be BANNED by October.

Flavor tobacco is targeting children, according to the government. I can SEE this argument, but I do not AGREE with it. This seems to be an overly strong reaction. Are they trying to tell me, that there is NO way to sell flavored tobacco product to adults? Are there not "Smoke" shops anywhere else in America? They check I.D. cards while coming in the door sometimes. Why is this not a valid option? If adults really do not wish to have these products, they will not sell well, and HENCE, will not be reordered.

Why does the GOVERNMENT have to step in and BAN things, to protect us from ourselves. If I want to go home, wrap up something in a FLAVORED blunt wrap, I DESERVE TO. I am a veteran, and they are telling me I CANNOT HAVE FLAVORED TOBACCO OR FLAVORED SMOKING PRODUCTS? This ban involves smokeless tobacco as well, so If you chew, get ready to enjoy Regular and Menthol flavor tobacco, and that's it. Nothing more. No cloves, no cigarettes that are other than regular and menthol. Soon they will ban menthol, saying that the Menthol drops used to flavor the tobacco is causing the Earth a Rare form of Cancer. I mean, really? So if you are a "Free American", age 18-110, you are not allowed to enjoy tobacco in any flavor but regular or menthol. You DO NOT DESERVE anything but those two flavors. You are LUCKY the government even allows you to have menthol, no? Then again, Obama wouldnt want to be ousted by those that elected him.

Point is, instead of control, researching new ways, or teaching people restraint, they are JUST TAKING IT AWAY. The government is openly reaching into peoples lives, and removing legal habits, from good legal people. You DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE ANYMORE... Unless it is from a selection of Government Brand Cigarettes. The only available smokes will be "Obamas and Obamas Light".... HAHAHAHAHHA

Protect the children! That is important. Why not follow House Bill 654 instead? HB 654 makes it so ALL tobacco products are in a tobacco store or behind the counter at a gas station, further from little eyes.

Senate Bill 336 proposes to prohibit these flavored tobacco products all together.
"We don't think there's any reason to have banana flavored, cherry flavored products out there for kids to get started on. So we're going to prohibit those candy and fruit flavoring," House Representative Dave McAlpin said.

Thanks DAVE! Because you are a representative of some state, you figure you know what is best for me. You know I do not, nor could not, ever enjoy flavored tobacco, and are planning to remove it, as one more freedom lost.


At the rate we are going, I wont even doubt that soon we will all be forced to take a "Anti N1H1" pill once a month. I am also sure that the same pill will have properties that make us as a whole, more accepting, and more docile, SHEEPLE. Maybe not so extreme, but then again, I never thought I would have the GOV. Tell me I could not enjoy sour apple SKOAL.

And not to sound racist...or be racist... but has ANYONE but myself noticed that EVERY flavor EXCEPT MENTHOL, which over 80% of African Americans, smoke. I wonder if Menthol was not a big African American Flavor, would it be banned as well? That and Obama smokes Newports.

Or used to, at least.

Last point to be made. It's a Recession. Why take away things that people STILL justify spending their money on? Are we not supposed to encourage spending in the local economy? What about all the Smoke Shop Owenrs, Tobacco Shop Owners, and Gas Station Owners? If you have to get rid of EVERYTHING but Menthol and Regular, that is over 80% of their Products that they sell.

Write your State Senator. Try to plead your case... But I fear it is too little, far too late.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Americans Love Violence

Americans Love Violence. Is it possible that someday in the near future, we will Pay Per View Televise Executions?

This man, Mike Graczyk, has added another claim to fame to his name. He is normally a writer for the Associated Press, known for a number of great articles on a plethora of topics. Living in Texas gave Mike a rare, "unique" opportunity. Mike Graczyk has managed to witness 315 executions carried out by the Federal Government. That totals up to over 40 hours of men and women he has seen die. He has been to more executions in Texas than any single Texas Guard, Chaplain, or Employee even has.
I guess what bothers me is that, here, in America, this is somehow news worthty material. Has our love for violence gone so far as to make people that watch restrained people get killed look somehow cool? I guess it's funny that he is looked up to for seeing that many people die. It's kind of like, "Oh wow mom! I want to be like Mike Graczyk! He's my hero!"

Okay far stretch...

Or maybe I am having a bad day. I think it's the second one.

SmuG looking Mike Graczyk Has witnessed over 315 executions. He has to have a special kind of fetish or something. He really, honestly, looks like he enjoys the fact that he has seen so many restrained people die.

Monday, July 13, 2009

America Loves More

Has anyone taken the time to ask themselves when more is enough? Are we so greedy and technology hungry that we cannot enjoy what we have? Do we need to continue to expose our young impressionable youth to "better" movies to help generate the almighty dollar? More blood, more sex, more killing, more explosions, more drugs, more "hardcore..." Yes. Yes. And, Yes.
This is what I am sick of. What is wrong with us, as a society, as a whole? Everything we have in America is "Improving", from bigger drinks to better resolution in your home television set. I hope you are glad you invested in the newest HD technology... They have something better in the works. Whether it's a higher resolution, or a new form of sound technology. Either way, your T.V. is obsolete within a month. Same with computers. Buy the newest chip set, newest graphics cards, and you are still out of date in a month, finding software you simply cannot run properly. What about cellphones? How many people do you know that buy a new phone simply because it has a new feature?
"It can play music louder than my old phone did." or "The touchscreen allows it to navigate better than my old phone." I personally like the iPhone, and find the applications and technology to be perfect for my life. I do not own one, but I wish I did. I have an iPod touch, and love it, so I have something to go off of besides the rave reviews from millions of owners.
Instead, I have a nice, BASIC, cell phone, that will last me until I break it. It calls, takes pictures, sends texts, and that makes me happy.
What about t.v.? Cartoons now are better than ever. Even daytime, children are definitely watching right now, type cartoons are MORE violent, MORE sexual, and MORE graphic than the "risque" shows of my time. (The Cartoon, Cartoon. Series on Cartoon Network late 90's to early 2000's.) Or, you could watch the WORST cartoons when I was a kid if you were lucky. Sure, Beavis and Butthead was only on late at night, on one channel, after midnight so most kids would be in bed. If your child was watching it, it was your fault as a parent. Now, shows like Beavis and Butthead are TAME compared to even basic normal cartoons. Parents can hardly tell if a cartoon is good or bad, because what was BAD when I was growing up is normal now, and on daytime programming. Hell, the girls in cartoons aimed at teenagers and young teens are sexxxy! They have tight bodies, big breasts, skimpy clothing. I mean, honestly. Girls in Beavis and Butthead wear more clothes than these girls from the hit show 6teen on Cartoon network during after school programming. Even the women they sexually objectify in older, mature, "controversial" cartoons were far less revealed. But hell, more skin shown, means more attention from the boys, which equals popularity, which is far more important than any subject they are teaching in school currently. More Sex. More avant garde' behavior. More Violence. More Alcohol use... Drug use... You name it. As long as they can make money off of it, it will be made. Again, maybe I just am old, and I feel these NEW SOCIAL NORMS, are a bad start for our kids. I had less messed up stuff to watch on television, let alone the Internet growing up. Still, I am extremely fucked up in the head. I wonder how these kids are in the head? The news is showing all the violence increasing. It may be a sign, or a warning...
Movies are more violent. Movies that should be Rated R, are PG13, so the 18 and under crowd base can still spend their money on the movies. More Special effects... to the point that movies are produced so fast... you cannot enjoy them. Crappy movie after crappy movie is pumped out week after week, saturating the market with movies that do not require much acting. After all, computers can make any special effect now. To me, this is bad. Movies only rely on special effects to sell the movie. Movies made with CGI effects, to me, are not real movies. Star wars, for example. That movie was made with models and claymation, yet still rendered a story worth following. Furthermore, the talent needed to create movies of high caliber, was far and few, and took years to make a good movie perfect. Perfect before it was released.
Now, we hear about a movie 2 months before it is released. Every commercial break during prime time you will see the advertisement for the summer blockbuster movie of the century. Then the video games, and the toys, merchandise and all the products come out before the movie. Fast food places make everything about the movie. Then, about 2 weeks after the movie is out, and sells to average standards, the next Movie is in line, and the process repeats. And with all these movies, coming out so fast, everyone is outdoing each other. More realistic gore. More blood. More violence. More sex. More nudity. More swearing. More realistic everything.
But we let our children buy into this culture and jump product to product, see movie after movie, with little value to them. What's wrong with more? When I was 16, I was told by a therapist that the average child has seen 1,000,000 murders on television and movies alone by the age of 16. This was back in the 90's! Now, factor in the amount of new movies, the lowered standards in the Rating System, and toss in video games for good measure. How many murders has the average child in 2009 seen by 16? I can play video games where I graphically and realistically kill 150 or more opponents in 1 level, let alone the 30 more to go. It makes for good thinking. I bet by 8, thanks to the MORE is BETTER policy, children have seen over a million murders. Talk about desensitizing them young, no?
I have so much more to rant about, but I fear I have written too much as is. Heh, I bet I lost most of ya by now. Point is... We as a nation, want more. Whether its more french fries, or more violence, we want it, are willing to spend our money on it, and if it ruins are children, are ok with it, as long as we look cool to everyone else around us while doing it.

(I have not seen a movie in theater for over 3 years now. I cannot justify spending gas money, and $15.00 for 2 tickets....or more even... to see a movie with little plot and all special effects. Same for video games. I will try it before I buy it. The last good game I bought was... 2007...)

THINK BEFORE YOU SUPPORT THE CORPORATE MONSTER. If you really enjoy more, and feel it is better, then by all means destroy yourself. It is a free country... Buy a new phone every few months, new cd's and games every week, new clothing to keep up to date. Buy all the new movies, in every new format, every few months. Buy into every single NEW break through. Please go ahead if this is your true feelings and more is better to you. Spend to your hearts content... After all, the economy needs your money, and I cannot buy into the bullshit.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Entertain Me!

Please, entertain me. Please let me buy into the gimmicks of commercialism. Please let me worry about who in Hollywood has a fake ass and who's is real. Please pander to me over television about "reality" and make "reality shows" for me to zone out to. Please tell me what shoes make me a man, and what deodorant makes me smell like a "Fresh Spring Mountain Breeze with a Mere Hint of Pine from the Horizon." I need to smell like that. Please show me how to become the Car I drive. Who will I learn life lesson from, America? My family? Please... I need you all to show me whats fun, instead of all the serious issue...
-Poverty, Homelessness, Mental Health, Chronic Pain without proper medical care, Joblessness, Suicide Rates Increasing, the Economy collapsing, War, Government Lies, Loss of innocence in youth...I can go on an on...
But please, American Government, Distract me with unimportant things. Allow these companies to brainwash our children, we don't need smart people, do we? Please, add advertising to my daily school curriculum, for I need to know what is in and popular, before I learn my history. (History teaches us where we failed, and how not to make the same mistakes twice.) Please, consider all the entertainment needs I have... Please cut funding for my education... but make sure to give failing auto companies billions...make sure the Media has me up to date, and please, oh please, make sure I become a SHEEPLE...

Note to Congress from a Kid at Heart looking at today's dilemmas. I don't know. Maybe I am losing my mind, or maybe I feel that America as a whole, is failing. From the lack of respect teens have to the closing of schools... We have bad priorities, and without action, soon we will be the 3rd world country. (Or countries? Could we perhaps become a Divide States of America? I think its quite likely.)

Monday, July 6, 2009


Failing Government...
Corrupt Government...
Corrupt Politicians...
Corrupt Policies...
Corrupt Actions...
Failing Economy...
Failing Health care...
Failing Education...
Failing our Troops...
Failing our Children...
Failing Hope...
Failing Life...
What the fuck did I go to war for again?

Friday, June 26, 2009

A Tribute

I honestly, 100% can say I do not really care about Hollywood (Hollyweird, in my opinion)or any one in it. But I do feel bad about Micheal Jackson. Not my favorite artist, not even close. However, even though his personal life had gone to hell... this man managed to become the world's BIGGEST pop icon, and that is a feat if you ask me. I remember growing up in the 80's, everyone LOVED Micheal Jackson. On the radio, in tape decks, later on CD's. Sure, his latest CD's may not have been good music per se' , but I feel that was not the same Micheal Jackson the early years had brought us. Clearly he was tormented by inner demons and the media monster. Sure he was weird. But find me a bigger pop star in the 80's to middle 90's, and I'll write about them. LOL... When I was in Iraq, Iraqi soldiers or Iraqi Policemen trying to make a connection to Americans would always bring up Micheal Jackson. He was common ground. Sure, I am not going to go blaring his music in my truck, that's just not my style. I do respect him though for his music ability, and his ability to influence the world with nothing but music and words.

So... Good Job, MJ. Here is a tribute to ya

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Alabama is ASS BACKWARDS....

Is the economy so bad that we need to pretend we are rich? Apparently here in Alabama, you do...
So... living in Alabama for the past few years, I have seen some things I normally do not see where I am from. For instance... if you look up the word "Estates" at google , you will find many images of places like this...

This and many other houses are what I expected to see. Now tell me what you think of the Estates I found, a few blocks from my house.

This area of "estates" has everything from double wide trailers, to single wides. From pop up campers to broken down RV's, you can rent them all. Do you really think I am joking? Click the picture for an enlarged view and check out the area...and read the sign... LMFAO
At least the sign on the second picture lets you know it is a DRUG FREE ZONE

Estates in Alabama = FEMA disaster relieve shelters???

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

State of Insecurity

The Super Secret Camera Spy Center

Okay, so the so the title is actually misleading. I call it "Insecurity", while many others call it "Security." I specifically want your input on this one, AdamS, since I believe that many places in Great Britain have implemented similar systems to their cities.
In Lancaster, PA, the city is "secured" by 165 Live Feed Cameras strategically placed around the city. This city of 55,000 citizens, has more cameras than most major cities, including Boston and San Fransisco!

Now I understand the rationality behind the cameras. It is a social psychology principal. If people see that they are being actively observed, or think they are being monitored, they are less likely to commit a crime.

The cameras are monitored by a watchdog group of civilians. They he have no written guidelines to follow, and official training program on. what is "Good or Bad behavior." It is essentially up to the civilian operator watching the screens to monitor the activity and call police. (Civilian being a member of the city, and not an employee of any kind.) This creates an advanced neighborhood crime watch. The cameras were installed by a private company, and are not city or state ran. (PA/MD CCTV Corporation)


However, there has been great successes in the use of these cameras in Lanaster, as well as England. Success in preventing, or having substantial evidence to a serious crime.

Examples: As for British Security Cameras, I have seen many many many videos of violent, serious fights in the streets that have been used to put the perpetrators away.

As for Lancaster, PA: After a street security camera in Lancaster, Pa., captured the slaying of Solomon Hall’s cousin Tyquan Hall in 2007, the gunman was convicted.

Tyquan Hall, Slain Victim's Family Finds Justice

Now what I find interesting is that according to the L.A. Times, very few of the residents initially found the cameras to be a problem. Now, more and more people find these cameras to be becoming an issue.

Now, play in the principal of social psychology i mentioned. Crime should, in theory, decrease. However, since the installation of the 165 cameras, crime has increased. The operators are calling the police on simple "crimes", from loitering to jaywalking. This to me seems to be OVERKILL of some vigilante moron that cannot find anything better to do but spy on others and try to control others.

I fear that this could, over time, create a "Perfect" society. Where any infraction, minor or major, could be caught on film and prosecuted via mail, if need be. I personally agree with cameras in certain areas. Intersections, for instance, can help clear up confusion about accidents. Outside of bars or specific troubled areas where violent crimes are repeated, are good as well. I fear it is just to hard to draw the line though as to where it is good to have cameras observing innocent Americans in PUBLIC. What one person considers to be a severe crime or a good location for a camera, may be considered a minor crime or not a good location to you or me.
On private property, it should be the owners discretion. (But signs should be posted to avoid "invasion of privacy.") On public property, maybe at government ran institution.
I overall, feel that this is a GROSS violation of PRIVACY, due to the fact that the cameras are at every park, stores, every mall, some restaurants, sidewalks and every major street. I do not want to be observed, even though I am not participating in illegal activities. Remember, soon, if we are not careful, Big Brother will be watching us ALL. Please leave your input, I am very interested to know what you think. Especially, considering some of you may have first hand experience.


Monday, June 15, 2009

Education, the weapon of Choice.

Good old Mr. Alex Jones, at it again. I am not sure what the deal is with the music in the background, but overall he has some very good points.
America ranks a GLORIOUS 26th place when it comes to global education standards. "Third World" countries are surpassing us in technology as I type this. (India has more working robots in the field of Robotics than America does! WTF? Japan, of course, but India?)
The basic premise is this. The government inacted "No Child Left Behind." during the Bush Administration. They got exactly what they paid for...
Shotty education at best, cheap and low quality education programs, high priced universities teaching high school equivalent material. All of "these" being the education standard of today. The less we engage our children's minds, the less likely they will think outside the box. Free thinker's are dangerous. So, in effect, coupled with the INSANE amounts of "entertainment" and "pop culture trends" and such, create a passive, inactive, sheeple. Satisfied with our own demise, as long as we look good doing it, or it feels exciting long enough for us to forget the real problems.

As said before, the government invested all that money and got exactly what they were hoping... a land of T.V. fed sheeple, eagerly awaiting the next big meal of lies. In dumbing us down as a whole, the government is using education as a weapon against ourselves.