Thursday, June 25, 2009

Alabama is ASS BACKWARDS....

Is the economy so bad that we need to pretend we are rich? Apparently here in Alabama, you do...
So... living in Alabama for the past few years, I have seen some things I normally do not see where I am from. For instance... if you look up the word "Estates" at google , you will find many images of places like this...

This and many other houses are what I expected to see. Now tell me what you think of the Estates I found, a few blocks from my house.

This area of "estates" has everything from double wide trailers, to single wides. From pop up campers to broken down RV's, you can rent them all. Do you really think I am joking? Click the picture for an enlarged view and check out the area...and read the sign... LMFAO
At least the sign on the second picture lets you know it is a DRUG FREE ZONE

Estates in Alabama = FEMA disaster relieve shelters???


  1. That is a trailer park! Estates my ass.

  2. If they have a drug free zone does that mean they have an area that is overwhelmed by drugs. Cause that's a little misleading.
    Oh, and we do have a trailer park here that is called Manor Estates up by Cinema 10 over the hill. Shrug, when I had my "estate" it was pretty pimping.. haha at least for eminem. HAHA

  3. hehehe... I guess I just have never seen a trailer park be called an Estate... I'll do you one better. The trailer next door's model name is "Southern Dream"... and it's about the most basic single trailer available. Sure, I have seen shitty apartments be called "Estates." I guess it was supposed to be more of a joke. And sweet 8 mile reference. LOL

    I dunno...I miss your hanging out at your "Estate" way back when...

  4. OH yeah, like my truck Ontolgian? Fits right in I guess.

  5. I live in a place like this... Estates, they are not. And how did they put estate and manor in the same title, Otolgin? I'd HAMMERTIME that owner's face!