Monday, June 15, 2009

Education, the weapon of Choice.

Good old Mr. Alex Jones, at it again. I am not sure what the deal is with the music in the background, but overall he has some very good points.
America ranks a GLORIOUS 26th place when it comes to global education standards. "Third World" countries are surpassing us in technology as I type this. (India has more working robots in the field of Robotics than America does! WTF? Japan, of course, but India?)
The basic premise is this. The government inacted "No Child Left Behind." during the Bush Administration. They got exactly what they paid for...
Shotty education at best, cheap and low quality education programs, high priced universities teaching high school equivalent material. All of "these" being the education standard of today. The less we engage our children's minds, the less likely they will think outside the box. Free thinker's are dangerous. So, in effect, coupled with the INSANE amounts of "entertainment" and "pop culture trends" and such, create a passive, inactive, sheeple. Satisfied with our own demise, as long as we look good doing it, or it feels exciting long enough for us to forget the real problems.

As said before, the government invested all that money and got exactly what they were hoping... a land of T.V. fed sheeple, eagerly awaiting the next big meal of lies. In dumbing us down as a whole, the government is using education as a weapon against ourselves.


  1. I absolutely agree with your condemnation of the No Child Left Behind Act. That was one really lousy piece of legislation and has crippled the school systems in the US.

  2. It really is sad. Today there is the HIGHEST number of Current High School Graduates that cannot read sufficiently on their own. Sigh... At least we have Sweet Weaponry and Big tanks?

  3. I agree. HighSchool was a joke. America is so sad as of late.

  4. That's not from Alex Jones, it's a film made by Zeitgeist fans. ;)

    In fact the clip of the man ranting about 'the tube' is actually in Zeitgeist.

    Not that I'm a Zeitgeist fan; they're a bunch of Marxists with their "Venus Project".

  5. lol my bad... And i Have Zeitgeist on my drive its been ages, and a little too much green laying around... I slightly distracted as well... thanks for the correction, A man.

  6. Oh and the clip was related to Alex Jone's somehow earlier, when I threw all this up. LOL

  7. No child left behind.. You mean throw our kids in the garbage and sell us some fancy t-shirts?

    The united states has been captured by the television. No longer do our children read and imagine, we are fed ideas.
    I heard somewhere that they can take a cat that normally when dropped from 6 feet high will land on his feet, but if given Genetically Engineered food and three generations they can make it so the cats won't be able to land on their feet. This works in the opposite direction, by changing nutrition behavior and ability is changed back to normal.
    Much like the cat our children have been formed in to a room called laziness. Our parents are not nearlly as engaged as our grandparents generation. Our children are expected to learn from a teacher in a shortened school day, with materials from 50 years ago.

    If you ask me, we have several LARGE problems with our educational system in America today. Poor instruction from our parents is a big issue mostly due to working several jobs and laziness. Furthermore, many parents don't remember the material their kids are learning, and thus cannot help their kids with homework. Ridiculously poor materials that are outdated and in poor condition are the only books we can offer our children. Over population in the system, with low quality teachers in combination with the prior complaints makes for a bad case of crappy education. *I must digress here to share that I have met many a future teacher here on campus in our education master's program, and not all but many, are complete and total idiots.* We not only need to change the degree at which we expect our children to accomplish, but also the facilities in which they are expected to complete their education.

    Simply put.. We need more intelligent teachers, harder more involved homework and testing, increased parental involvement, newer materials, and most importantly the availability of knoweledgeable instructors of multi-displinary expertise. Here it is worth saying that by changing current schools to a hierarchal *seniors help freshman* student to student peer teaching environment would drastically increase retention, and allow for important interpersonal development. But that's just my $0.02.

  8. Good points everyone.

    I think one of the main reasons our system sucks is the attitude of the students - which is a reflection of the values they learn from their parents.

    Some schools with poor funding have great students who use what they have available to the fullest extend in order to better themselves - and they are a reflection of their parent's strong work ethics.

    One place where we really fail is college. Colleges are all about money. They should eliminate the system of students taking classes from all areas and let students focus on what they actually want to major in. If they would do this, students could graduate in 2 years time, not spend as mush money, and actually graduate. As it stands now, I could never afford to put a kid thru 4 - 5 years of collage.

  9. I hear ya Leslie. I am SUPPOSED to have a Montgomery G.I. Bill to pay for tuition. Instead, it's out of my pocket. I cannot for the life of me understand WHY I am in college. With the economy as it is today, you need to have an advantage when looking for a job. So, I have no money, I cannot get a job. BUT I can get student loans to take several thousand dollars on over 2 semesters of UNRELATED classes? What if I make 3 years of my 4, and cannot afford more LOANS becuase to get my degree I had to spend MONEY classes that were not required. Im sick of life when its like this...

  10. Chin up - you are better off in college right now any way. All the newly graduated are bemoaning the lack of jobs right now.

    Your predicament has a bright side - this time :)

  11. I've always thought that after TV was first introduced to the public at large in the 50s, the government realized what a great propaganda tool it was and has used it almost solely for that purpose. We all know what the propaganda films did for Hitler's rise to power, but this time it's being used to dumb us down and give us an 'alternate' reality. I'm glad my parents knew how to criticize commercials and taught me to do the same. Good post, I'll watch the video later. I'm adding you.....

  12. I hate alternate realities. Though life can be overwhelming at times....

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