Friday, June 26, 2009

A Tribute

I honestly, 100% can say I do not really care about Hollywood (Hollyweird, in my opinion)or any one in it. But I do feel bad about Micheal Jackson. Not my favorite artist, not even close. However, even though his personal life had gone to hell... this man managed to become the world's BIGGEST pop icon, and that is a feat if you ask me. I remember growing up in the 80's, everyone LOVED Micheal Jackson. On the radio, in tape decks, later on CD's. Sure, his latest CD's may not have been good music per se' , but I feel that was not the same Micheal Jackson the early years had brought us. Clearly he was tormented by inner demons and the media monster. Sure he was weird. But find me a bigger pop star in the 80's to middle 90's, and I'll write about them. LOL... When I was in Iraq, Iraqi soldiers or Iraqi Policemen trying to make a connection to Americans would always bring up Micheal Jackson. He was common ground. Sure, I am not going to go blaring his music in my truck, that's just not my style. I do respect him though for his music ability, and his ability to influence the world with nothing but music and words.

So... Good Job, MJ. Here is a tribute to ya


  1. There's Just something about how he made his music videos. The times have changed, and talent like this is gone forever...

  2. Man, you're a talented writer, and you've accurately captured my sentiments about Jackson.

    I'll be back often to visit. Keep up the good work.

  3. Farrah Facet died and went to heaven. Because she had been such a good person on earth, St. Peter asked her, "Farah, what wish would you like to see come to fruition?"

    Farrah answered, "I want all the children of the world to be safe".

    Six hours later, Michael Jackson is dead.

    "Thriller" was music video genius, but the credit should go to the director, the choreographer, and the the make-up artists. Frankly, I am glad the world is rid of a pedophile.

  4. Opps! The last comment was from me. My roomie forgot to log out before I jumped on the computer.

    I have no idea what Denise thinks about MJ - so I apologize!

  5. LMAO!!!!

    That's the other side, as well. He was a pedophile, crazy in the head, freak! Did he become that way becuase of forced stardom at such a yound age? Who knows... all freak, pedo stuff aside, (And stop using the word pedo, i don't want google to pick it up on my site!!!! JK lol JK) he made some great music in the 80's and 90's... and had a damn good voice for a kid. My favorite representation of him is Southpark...Season 8, Epidsode 8, the "Jeffersons". Check it out if you havent seen it yet.

  6. I wonder if "p's" are born that way? (I am using "P" so that word doesn't make your blog come up in a google search :)

    In MJ's case, was he molested as a kid? I think there was some speculation about that.

    "South Park" is genius. Love that episode.

  7. Thanks so much for your service! In my opinion, every day is Veteran's Day.

    BTW...That "Flies Revolt, Swarm White House" piece you found a couple weeks ago over at It Don't Make Sense happened to be mine. Stop by and visit my place, Feed Your ADHD, some time for more, much, much more.