Monday, July 20, 2009

Americans Love Violence

Americans Love Violence. Is it possible that someday in the near future, we will Pay Per View Televise Executions?

This man, Mike Graczyk, has added another claim to fame to his name. He is normally a writer for the Associated Press, known for a number of great articles on a plethora of topics. Living in Texas gave Mike a rare, "unique" opportunity. Mike Graczyk has managed to witness 315 executions carried out by the Federal Government. That totals up to over 40 hours of men and women he has seen die. He has been to more executions in Texas than any single Texas Guard, Chaplain, or Employee even has.
I guess what bothers me is that, here, in America, this is somehow news worthty material. Has our love for violence gone so far as to make people that watch restrained people get killed look somehow cool? I guess it's funny that he is looked up to for seeing that many people die. It's kind of like, "Oh wow mom! I want to be like Mike Graczyk! He's my hero!"

Okay far stretch...

Or maybe I am having a bad day. I think it's the second one.

SmuG looking Mike Graczyk Has witnessed over 315 executions. He has to have a special kind of fetish or something. He really, honestly, looks like he enjoys the fact that he has seen so many restrained people die.


  1. I suppose that's the modern equivalent of the Colosseum.

  2. Hey Friend,
    Why not post a picture of YOU?

    As for violence in America-- don't worry--it's coming and soon, when people run out of money and food thanks to obama.. lol.

    Tom S
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  3. Ooops, Sorry, I forgot about all the great pix of you in combat posted in your fine Blog. They are terrific pix!

    Take care, Soldier.

    Tom S