Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Entertain Me!

Please, entertain me. Please let me buy into the gimmicks of commercialism. Please let me worry about who in Hollywood has a fake ass and who's is real. Please pander to me over television about "reality" and make "reality shows" for me to zone out to. Please tell me what shoes make me a man, and what deodorant makes me smell like a "Fresh Spring Mountain Breeze with a Mere Hint of Pine from the Horizon." I need to smell like that. Please show me how to become the Car I drive. Who will I learn life lesson from, America? My family? Please... I need you all to show me whats fun, instead of all the serious issue...
-Poverty, Homelessness, Mental Health, Chronic Pain without proper medical care, Joblessness, Suicide Rates Increasing, the Economy collapsing, War, Government Lies, Loss of innocence in youth...I can go on an on...
But please, American Government, Distract me with unimportant things. Allow these companies to brainwash our children, we don't need smart people, do we? Please, add advertising to my daily school curriculum, for I need to know what is in and popular, before I learn my history. (History teaches us where we failed, and how not to make the same mistakes twice.) Please, consider all the entertainment needs I have... Please cut funding for my education... but make sure to give failing auto companies billions...make sure the Media has me up to date, and please, oh please, make sure I become a SHEEPLE...

Note to Congress from a Kid at Heart looking at today's dilemmas. I don't know. Maybe I am losing my mind, or maybe I feel that America as a whole, is failing. From the lack of respect teens have to the closing of schools... We have bad priorities, and without action, soon we will be the 3rd world country. (Or countries? Could we perhaps become a Divide States of America? I think its quite likely.)


  1. I sincerely hope that you at least visit my own Blog: "Tom's Journal"

    Warm Regards,
    Tom S
    Vietnam Veteran: 68-70.

  2. Elitist said:
    But you can't free the rabble from their shallow materialism! Oh my, who'd buy all the slave-made plastic stuff from China then?

    Random yuppie said:
    Whoa dude, that's like, really deep man. It's like the little things aren't important...
    Hey, do you have the new iPod?

  3. Bread and Circuses, my son. Bread and Circuses.

  4. Would you please give me your email address so we can chat and compare notes. I am a disabled combat Veteran, who served as a helicopter door gunner in Vietnam: 68-70, the last tour being with the 240th AHC our of Bear Cat, RVN.
    I am not a hero-- but a good soldier of Jesus Christ, and I feel god helping others find the real TRUTH about these 'last critical days.'

    My email: tschuckman@aol.com

    Tom Schuckman
    Union Grove, W|I 53182
    Jesus is Lord

  5. Right after I read your blog my boss handed me an entertainment magazine that had the phrase "pop-u-lust" across it. It's a word that define our obsession with pop culture.

    I wanted to stab somebody. I am sick of having pop culture shoved down my throat.

    No - I do not want an iPhone.

  6. Kinda makes you wonder why you even cared to serve for their sorry asses, don't it?

  7. The sheeple are easy distracted.

  8. you are correct, we are failing ourselves. but you sound like you need a vacation, come home for a visit and we'll act like kids the whole time. : )

  9. I think that there are many like you who have served with honor and then been disappointed by the bureacratic bravo sierra. But you did not serve because of anything other than your own true love of country and honor. There are more of us than you realize who appreciate your service and salute your valor; and there are also many people, mil and non, who are ready to help you get the assistance that you deserve right now.
    If you get the time, stop by one good gathering place, a great blog called This Ain't Hell ( but you can see it from here) and follow comment links to Tankerbabe or write to John or any of the people there; contact Solder's Angels; or contact some of the guys at http://www.warriorlegacyfoundation.org.
    There are a lot of good people who care about you and want to help. Don't give up on the rest of us. We sure won't give up on you.
    Thanks again for your service. I salute you.

  10. I want to HAMMERTIME commercial America. I understand the need for products, and the need to advertise to get your products out there. I have an iPhone, and love it. Not becuase I was told to get it. Tv didnt tell me to buy it. I bought it becuase it is the best product out there for what I use my cell for. HAMMERTIME anyone who hates me for having a cool phone.


  11. Thank you all, for the info and support. Parapacem- I appreciate the links. I shall follow suit on them tomorrow A.M. (Friday) and see what may become. I salute all prior military brethren out there, and all supporters of us.
    Fuzzy's Dad said it right, "The sheeple are easily distracted"...anyone notice how much Micheal Jackson is on EVERYTHING, yet the recession has taken a back seat...
    Hammertime- I have an iTouch...wish i had an iPhone... I agree, they are amazing products... not just a pop culture phenom.

    I will blog on... I was near quitting, but ya'll inspired me to continue to rant my version and view of the world to everone. Thanks!

  12. Sit back cause here it comes.

    Corporate America stands for Marketing. Before business held quality, opportunity, and economy as their quo; today we buy things because others do. We buy a pair of crap because professional basketball players say they're hot! We *as a society* have given away our mental solitude. I personally don't watch *ANY* television; NONE, ZERO, NAHTA! Television began the corporate movement to marketing, and standardizing the rush for retirement (quit working start relaxing mentality). Through generalizing corporate America has told us what the public *should* live like and how they have ingrained products into a needy world. I have never bought a Cosmopolitan magazine, and I suggest no one every buy one again. The same goes for all of those paparazzi magazines that attack other wise decent peoples lives or the majority of the mindless dribble that comes from telling society what they should do. Personally I don't give a shit what Brad Pitt is doing, or who he is kissing, or what swim suit jennifer lopez is wearing.. I DON"T CARE.
    I have an Iphone, a Macbook Pro, and I program computers, build garages, and pave driveways. I do network diagnostics, I bought the equipment because it is the best and allows me to easily perform my work. For all of those out there that buy Ipod's and melt away day after day after day so you can ignore the world.. go lie down in the road. Same goes to marketing majors, and anyone that wants me to buy USELESS over priced slave built crap. I don't want a burger or a new lawn mower. I want corporate America to stay the F%$K out of my life. I don't go shopping to shop, I go shopping because I'm out of tooth paste. Do me a favor everyone, look at why you shop. Take a glimpse at what happens when you start living to better the world and not to populate your lonely shelf of things.
    Do you really need your fifth pair of Maddens? Do you need that bottle of mountain dew? I hate to push the idea that we need to cut back and quit buying useless shit, but that is why we are in this financial meltdown. OVER SPENDING, and horrible PLANNING. I"m 25 and since I was about 17 I have lived on my own. I have eaten out of the garbage, lived in a van by the river, and worked for a couple multi-million dollar corporations. The best thing I ever did was go back to college, and getting back into my trade; Construction. I am financially stable in this day of my life, and I am stable due to the ideals and concepts of frugality. Don't get me wrong I drink, smoke, party, and dine often. But I don't do it every night, nor do I spend countless hundreds /thousands on massages, coffee, and car air fresheners.

  13. Let me regress here and look at labor. Marketing in America says go to business school, become a doctor, go and start a business. The problem with this is that most people are incompetent. You know why most businesses fail?.. Poor planning and bad management. The mom and pop shop is out, and it's because of push for *Degree Qualified* individuals. The saying you can feed a man for eternity or teach him to fish in one day and he'll feed himself.. and this saying goes along way in the mechanics of education. The labor training force *more commonly known as the Universities and colleges around the country* are being influenced more and more by corporate america. From the money donated to the curriculum needed before donation; corporate America has destroyed the contextual concept of a *well rounded* education.
    Do me a favor and count how many people you know that could live without the instructions on the back of hamburger helper, or on the back of a bottle of era, or even instructions on your home computer that tell you how to change your background image. .. the point here is most people can do one thing not many. I'm a man of many trades.. computers, construction, philosophy, politics, religion, and science. Being defined in so many areas I can see the failures of the general public and the education system by specialization. We have turned into an entertainment society populated by entertained rats. We don't have hobbies anymore.. we have television, and the internet. I know how to clean and even glaze windows.. but I don't want to. I do a lot of things I don't want to. I do them because the knowledge and information I assimilate in the learning experience will heavily out way the inconvenience of the act. Furthermore, the more I know the less people I have to count on for extreme amounts of money, and the more thorough job I can do from my larger base of information.
    Simple put, experience and do as much as you can! Dont' listen to corporate america and be useful! AMerica is filled with lazy pains societies ass!

  14. Quitting is NOT an option, NobodyofValue. We needja.

  15. Thanks Dr. Dave... and Ontolg....you call yourself a man... this, in theory, may be true... but there can never be a "bong man" only a "bong boy". HAHAHAH

  16. You're not allowed to quit blogging.

    I agree - you need a vacation. You should have a nice week of relaxing somewhere. I recommend Belize.

  17. Reccomendation Accepted... Belize could be great... However, the $8.24 in my bank account denies reccomendation... :D