Monday, July 13, 2009

America Loves More

Has anyone taken the time to ask themselves when more is enough? Are we so greedy and technology hungry that we cannot enjoy what we have? Do we need to continue to expose our young impressionable youth to "better" movies to help generate the almighty dollar? More blood, more sex, more killing, more explosions, more drugs, more "hardcore..." Yes. Yes. And, Yes.
This is what I am sick of. What is wrong with us, as a society, as a whole? Everything we have in America is "Improving", from bigger drinks to better resolution in your home television set. I hope you are glad you invested in the newest HD technology... They have something better in the works. Whether it's a higher resolution, or a new form of sound technology. Either way, your T.V. is obsolete within a month. Same with computers. Buy the newest chip set, newest graphics cards, and you are still out of date in a month, finding software you simply cannot run properly. What about cellphones? How many people do you know that buy a new phone simply because it has a new feature?
"It can play music louder than my old phone did." or "The touchscreen allows it to navigate better than my old phone." I personally like the iPhone, and find the applications and technology to be perfect for my life. I do not own one, but I wish I did. I have an iPod touch, and love it, so I have something to go off of besides the rave reviews from millions of owners.
Instead, I have a nice, BASIC, cell phone, that will last me until I break it. It calls, takes pictures, sends texts, and that makes me happy.
What about t.v.? Cartoons now are better than ever. Even daytime, children are definitely watching right now, type cartoons are MORE violent, MORE sexual, and MORE graphic than the "risque" shows of my time. (The Cartoon, Cartoon. Series on Cartoon Network late 90's to early 2000's.) Or, you could watch the WORST cartoons when I was a kid if you were lucky. Sure, Beavis and Butthead was only on late at night, on one channel, after midnight so most kids would be in bed. If your child was watching it, it was your fault as a parent. Now, shows like Beavis and Butthead are TAME compared to even basic normal cartoons. Parents can hardly tell if a cartoon is good or bad, because what was BAD when I was growing up is normal now, and on daytime programming. Hell, the girls in cartoons aimed at teenagers and young teens are sexxxy! They have tight bodies, big breasts, skimpy clothing. I mean, honestly. Girls in Beavis and Butthead wear more clothes than these girls from the hit show 6teen on Cartoon network during after school programming. Even the women they sexually objectify in older, mature, "controversial" cartoons were far less revealed. But hell, more skin shown, means more attention from the boys, which equals popularity, which is far more important than any subject they are teaching in school currently. More Sex. More avant garde' behavior. More Violence. More Alcohol use... Drug use... You name it. As long as they can make money off of it, it will be made. Again, maybe I just am old, and I feel these NEW SOCIAL NORMS, are a bad start for our kids. I had less messed up stuff to watch on television, let alone the Internet growing up. Still, I am extremely fucked up in the head. I wonder how these kids are in the head? The news is showing all the violence increasing. It may be a sign, or a warning...
Movies are more violent. Movies that should be Rated R, are PG13, so the 18 and under crowd base can still spend their money on the movies. More Special effects... to the point that movies are produced so fast... you cannot enjoy them. Crappy movie after crappy movie is pumped out week after week, saturating the market with movies that do not require much acting. After all, computers can make any special effect now. To me, this is bad. Movies only rely on special effects to sell the movie. Movies made with CGI effects, to me, are not real movies. Star wars, for example. That movie was made with models and claymation, yet still rendered a story worth following. Furthermore, the talent needed to create movies of high caliber, was far and few, and took years to make a good movie perfect. Perfect before it was released.
Now, we hear about a movie 2 months before it is released. Every commercial break during prime time you will see the advertisement for the summer blockbuster movie of the century. Then the video games, and the toys, merchandise and all the products come out before the movie. Fast food places make everything about the movie. Then, about 2 weeks after the movie is out, and sells to average standards, the next Movie is in line, and the process repeats. And with all these movies, coming out so fast, everyone is outdoing each other. More realistic gore. More blood. More violence. More sex. More nudity. More swearing. More realistic everything.
But we let our children buy into this culture and jump product to product, see movie after movie, with little value to them. What's wrong with more? When I was 16, I was told by a therapist that the average child has seen 1,000,000 murders on television and movies alone by the age of 16. This was back in the 90's! Now, factor in the amount of new movies, the lowered standards in the Rating System, and toss in video games for good measure. How many murders has the average child in 2009 seen by 16? I can play video games where I graphically and realistically kill 150 or more opponents in 1 level, let alone the 30 more to go. It makes for good thinking. I bet by 8, thanks to the MORE is BETTER policy, children have seen over a million murders. Talk about desensitizing them young, no?
I have so much more to rant about, but I fear I have written too much as is. Heh, I bet I lost most of ya by now. Point is... We as a nation, want more. Whether its more french fries, or more violence, we want it, are willing to spend our money on it, and if it ruins are children, are ok with it, as long as we look cool to everyone else around us while doing it.

(I have not seen a movie in theater for over 3 years now. I cannot justify spending gas money, and $15.00 for 2 tickets....or more even... to see a movie with little plot and all special effects. Same for video games. I will try it before I buy it. The last good game I bought was... 2007...)

THINK BEFORE YOU SUPPORT THE CORPORATE MONSTER. If you really enjoy more, and feel it is better, then by all means destroy yourself. It is a free country... Buy a new phone every few months, new cd's and games every week, new clothing to keep up to date. Buy all the new movies, in every new format, every few months. Buy into every single NEW break through. Please go ahead if this is your true feelings and more is better to you. Spend to your hearts content... After all, the economy needs your money, and I cannot buy into the bullshit.


  1. I would add to this, that they give kids sex and drug education in I know the reasons for this are well-intentioned in some ways...but what does that cause? Monkey see, monkey do.

    BTW I once made the mistake of asking for a 'large' portion of food in America. Well I soon learned that when you say large, you really mean it! lol

    America does love More, to a lesser extent so does Western Europe, all made by Chinese slaves nowadays...can't go on forever with the trade deficits we are all running.

  2. There is a country song that says We are right in the wrong direction. That is so true in so amny things like movies cartoons etc.Shakes head.

  3. I agree. I want to HAMMERTIME hollywood. Bastards forgot what movies are supposed to be. Thanks for telling it like it is, man.


  4. Oh and by the way, them 6teen bitches are hot! Tiny skirts like that a definite for 16 year old girls! Then the girls imitate 'em and get pregnant because they dress hot. Sad Sad... and I'll HAMMERTIME all you perverts who think that cartoons are hot.


  5. Man AdamS, if you loved large, wait until you try SUPER SIZE!!!! I am talking about a 700 litre barrel of cola for $0.89!!!! I appreciate the comments... yes it is really sad... i wish i could just rant and rant... but I'd have to write a book for that...

  6. Cool post, my friend!
    And you have a lot to be proud of with your service record and achievements, soldier. Too bad we couldn't get together for a few cool brews and a steak-- my treat. Please get back to me with your email address so we can share some important stuff.
    You are a better man than I.

    Your Friend and Brother in Arms,
    Tom S
    Door Gunner- 240th Assault Hel. Com, BearCat, RVN: 68-70. "It was a tropical paradise!!" Woo Woo!

  7. I hate stupid people. And all the idiots that watch reality tv and believe in television need to go get a real life. Psssh

  8. Sounds like a plan, Mr. Tom. Steak and Beer is the language of the veteran. My email is
    I have received multiple email updates from you... I am free to share whatever you desire, sir. Information is plentiful! Thank you for your service.

    A co 1-30 Mechanized Heavy Infantry, B co 1-15 Mechanized Heavy Infantry, 1-503 Air Assault Infantry

  9. I just wanna say you are number 1. xox

  10. This was like a bitchslap of truth.

    If physical blows could reach through a monitor, of course

    It is getting fairly tiring, and sometimes I wish we weren't all over sexed up. It's just annoying, not that I mind all too much if my gf dresses up like the cartoon network... Until her little sister copies her. Then you're right.

  11. your post has just confirmed what i have been seeing across the pond. we have the same problem with our kids being fed things about how they should live by the programs and media which they are exposed to everyday!
    we are told what we should buy and how we are to live by people that have no idea as to what life is about.