Sunday, May 3, 2009

Withdrawal from Iraq

Apparently, now that the country is making 10's of billions of dollars in oil PROFITS, they do not need us anymore. They should be paying for the programs currently running in Iraq, with such a high profit. So here's my opinion, and not enough people check, but I hope some of you vote. Iraq is calling for an near immediate withdrawal of foreign troops. Whether its this June, or at the latest, in 2010, the Iraqi people have made it clear they wish for our withdrawal. Learn more here...

I feel that as soon as we leave, the Iraqi military will eventually have a coup and take over the country again. That's how its worked for hundreds to thousands of years over there. The people that have the POWER are in control, and will TAKE control. That' how it has worked for so long before we even started messing with them back in the Iraq/Iran contra affair.

Besides, Britain has officially ended operations in Iraq as of today. More Info here...

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