Sunday, May 3, 2009

Matthew Stafford, NOT A HERO

First off, we as Americans, are lost when it comes to sports. I used to love sports. In fact, I still do. I love high school sports, because the kids have heart. They are playing for the game, and, well, some, for what college they will be attending. College sports are great too, to an extent. I do not understand why, we as Americans, allow someone to be so popular, so ludicrously rich, so insanely set for life, for the simple ability to throw a football. Exactly what has Matthew Stafford done for America? I found lots of pictures and articles about him, but nothing too important. I found impressive stats, and fan sites galore. But to me, that was it. The ability to throw a ball and catch it, or in his case, be the best, so first pick, of all college level players, is not worth $41.7 million dollars. What pisses me off even more is that fans still pay sky rocketing ticket sales, embrace this ridiculous contracts, and drive these young players to super stardom overnight. And I REALLY love this picture. They put him in front of the NFL stars and stripes, like he is an American Hero. Had this boy actually done something truely amazing, the stars and stripes would be acceptable.

WAKE UP HE PLAYS FUCKING FOOTBALL AND THAT IS IT! I hate to say it, but it is starting to drive me mad that we let War HEROES, War Veterans, Wounded Warriors, to start with, go homeless, go without care, get left behind, or forced into life with very limited choices for a "future?" Yet we spend money on season tickets for the best seats we can, or drive to the racetrack, etc etc... instead of donating money to proven organizations, like Wounded Warrior Project. Hell, look hard enough, you can find a veteran in need nearby. One small favor can open many doors for a young person that may have been betrayed by their government.
These are really small examples. And I have started to rant. So I end with one more thought...
If any body is a hero in my eyes, that played football, wrestled, and is, well the example of an all American hero, it would be Lt. Noah Harris. (Google or Yahoo him, you will find a lot of information.) Just a good ol' southern boy, killed 18 June 2009 in Boquba, Iraq. Respect the real heroes, not some overpaid kid that is good at one sport and that is it. Sports are entertaining, but not of true REAL LIFE importance. If you do not want to help a veteran, look into homeless shelters, battered wife shelters. There are far better ways to spend money than spending it on inflated ticket prices so some jack ass like Matthew Stafford can be treated like a hero.

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  1. You're totally right. Our country's definition of "Hero" is completely skewed.

    It's worse for women / girls. Elementary school age girls frequently list Brittany Spears as their hero.


    I blame Hollywood and the media.