Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Sad Image

Now this is an old one, but still hurts to think of it. From the looks of the survival skills of this man, (His dog is fed, the cart is loaded down, modified, and seemingly has protection from the rain for little equipment he does have.) And he has procured a computer, whether for entertainment purposes or attempts to find a job... It's just sad that the link this image was at was making fun of him cuz he was poor and had a computer. If he's a veteran, he fought for your ass. Help him out. I think Vietnam.


  1. Absolutely, we owe it to the soldiers who volunteered to risk their lives. That includes you! :)

  2. Thanks AdamS. It was my duty and my job, as it should be for all to serve some service, if not being a productive member of society already. It's a great way for the uninspired, troubled, and confused. It's a great way to teach the value of freedom, and to "grow" up some kids these days...

  3. That is a really sad picture. It makes me so fucking sad! I really think people should think about the veterans more. :(


  4. Homeless people should not be picked on. The people doing the finger pointing should take a look at themselves.