Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Swine Flu

A little melodramatic, don't ya think?

Swine flu...It is still upon us. Apparently, with the WHO (World Health Organization) declaring it a level 5 emergency, out of 6, it's very bad. I have yet to see bodies being burned in the streets, stringent eradication campaigns on rodents and small mammals, mass killing of insects, curfews in effect, masks handed out in mass by the government, schools shut down, public transportation shut down, marshal law, reactionary military deployment, or even emergency water treatment. This is all stuff I figured came with a stage 5 emergency, leaving stage 6 for zombies or whatever. (So i may be exaggerating a bit with the zombies, and the mass burnings, etc etc, but that is how the media plays it up as.) A real level 5 means, person to person contact, at least 2 countries away. Exaggerating is entertaining.

Point is, all of this hype and media speculation is a campaign prodded by the world governments to divert, no, distract attention from the real problems of the failing global economy. The failing education systems, the rising crime rate, rising unemployment, poverty, homelessness, and disgruntled veterans running needing help...all of these have received FAR less media attention compared to the weeks and months before the Swine Flu (N1H1) outbreak. The less people focus on these problems, the more the government can "Hope the situation fixes itself."

So, with a few thousand people infected, media reports claiming up to 120,000,000 people could die from this at the beginning of the outbreak, and expanse coverage, a state of panic flows through the masses. Countries are needlessly slaughtering swine for fear of the disease, even ones that tested clean. The CDC and WHO both state you cannot get N1H1 from eating properly cooked food, even from a contaminated animal. Did we forget about starving people? China killed and burned over 300,000 livestock out of fear alone. That is a good bit of food, if you ask me.

Another interesting outlook is profiteering from it. The media receives more viewers, in turn drawing more sponsors, in turn generating revenue. Drug companies receive grants for research for a cure. The company that finds the cure will get, well, a good chunk of grant money as a reward, relatively so equaling profit. More people will prey on the more stupid of the scared crowds, selling "swine flu survival kits." The possibilities go on and on. Read more here.

Until this becomes serious, FOCUS on the real issues, and do not buy into the media hype. Follow the FDC's, WHO's, and CDC's suggestions and guidelines to stay safe.

To put things in perspective, N1H1 has killed 152 people. 1600 are suspected infected, 913 are confirmed. Influenza, the standard strain of "the flu", kills 30,000-40,000 people globally every year. Where is the LEVEL 5 Emergency Declaration from WHO of the CDC? Interesting.....

152 vs 30,000/40,000.... you decide if it is media hype for a large scale cover up or not?

To be fair, the WHO has scaled back the emergency to a Level 3, but they DID declare it a level 5 for a few days...

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  1. Swine flu is actually a zombie invasion. Remember to aim for their brains.