Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What Recession? We have plenty of taxpayer dollars to spend!

So...I had JUST finished my last blog, and before closing Firefox, which I should have just done, I found this article that just PISSED me off.

As the title implies...What recession? We have plenty of taxpayer dollars to spend! I hope this makes you as mad as it made me.

So the White House decided that they needed "Updated File Photographs of Air Force One." So they take a plane that would represent Air Force 1, fly 2 F-16 Fighting Falcon escort Jets following it, and fly it right OVER downtown New York City.So, people with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and/or flashbacks of that terrible day, 9/11, were reminded of the attack. Strangely enough, this mission was TOP SECRET CLASSIFIED, meaning, no one had any idea what was happening. All they see is a 747 passenger jet being followed by 2 American fighter jets, amazingly low to the city scape, doing a normally highly illegal LOW FLY for pictures to be taken of it. Mild panic ensued, followed by buildings completely evacuating all employees. The streets were crowded and jammed with panicked citizens, scrambling for safety. 911 calls flooded and jammed the phone lines, as people were desperate to know what was happening.

As cruel as it is for the government to not tell survivor victims of the flyby and causing panic, all that that is just a minor inconvenience though, compared to the REAL problem. The real problem is that the government used $325,835.00 of tax payers money to stage these pictures. Pictures?

Pictures for government files need to be fancy and done up, with backgrounds to set the theme? Interesting? However, when asked why they created a NEW mission for this pictures and used $300,000.00 of tax payers money for a photo shoot of a plane, they said "the hours would have been flown regardless, and the expenses would have been accrued on a different mission." Exactly what he says... A DIFFERENT MISSION... that means one that was not planned, may have been important to national security, and would have $300,000.00 that is spent, available.

So what do $300,000.00 pictures of Air Force One look like over N.Y.C? Well... The White House press office now says there are no plans to make the photographs public, arguing "there is nothing wrong with the previous photos so we are going to use them."

So they admit that the low fly and $300,000.00 of your tax payer money was wasted...the pictures won't ever be seen even! Now this seems like a cover-up, or even a conspiracy, if you really look into it. I guess that is what you get for asking to see the results of a TOP SECRET MISSION.

Yet... the government DID tell people about this photo shoot. The day of, the F.A.A and local E.M.A. and Local Law Enforcement Agencies were all aware of this low fly, but under STRICT instructions to not inform the public.

Apparently it is fun to watch people panic in fear. As for the photos still,

"These are public records because they were done on government time, with government resources, and government personnel," said Patrice McDermott of

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said Tuesday that he would take another look at releasing the photos. As of Wednesday, nothing had happened.

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