Friday, May 1, 2009

Regions Bank, Making Money off of the Dumb Guys

So...This one is short and simple. Click on the image to enlarge it if you are interested in seeing a Major Bank screwing over a Veteran and his Wife financially. The RED Circle, (top one), is for a PENDING transaction, that was canceled by the company that made it. Pending, as in, Not processed yet. After being canceled, there was nothing left to be pending.

The Black circle on the bottom shows my balance, with the top transaction being $105 dollars in overdraft fees....but overdraft from what.. there is nothing to be over drafted, each individual over-drafted transaction penalty fee is only $35, maybe $40 now. The account is still positive, not in the hole at all. This image was taken on the second day this pending transaction was waiting, leaving me with no money. The company had made a mistake, and quickly and promptly fixed it, CANCELING the pending transaction completely, leaving NOTHING owed to them. Cable One even went as far to give me $124.00 credit on my account for the mistake.
Now, pending transaction out of the way, the registar showed $105.00 in overdraft fees, still reading at a Positive $1.40 something. I was being charged overdraft fees for money that had not even come out. Scam!

Regions, and other Untrustworthy Banks, are removing money from your account that is pending, then hitting you with overdraft fees to make extra money for themselves to recoup losses. What if I had put in CASH, which is available immediatly, that should offset make it so nothing would have overdraft to begin with. They have found a way to rob you without a gun, without even meeting you face to face.

This has happened to me before, and slowly I have been gathering screenshots of Region's blatant disregard for my money. Worst of all, I went to the Local Regions Bank and talked to the Bank Officer about my accocunt. She stood her ground, swearing it was okay to withdraw money that hasn't cleared a pending procedure, but its okay to HOLD money that is deposited, not crediting that money until overdrafting has begun.

Only after we called the 1-800 number for Regions, did we get the overdrafts removed. Again, this is very common at this Regions Bank in Jacksonville, Alabama (36265)

CHECK YOUR ACCOUNTS CAREFULLY, the last time, I was not able to recieve compensation, and we had $280 in overdraft fees, even though I had deposited CASH that morning, used the card over Saturday and Sunday, and that cash was HELD from Friday morning, to Tuesday morning, before clearing, allowing that $280 in overdraft fees.

Now if you do not catch this, or let them confuse you with their bank mumbo jumbo big words, then you are just one of the dumb guys Regions Bank is making money off of.

(If you didnt click the links, all the negative words and bad things lead to go ahead and get ripped off! Afterall, if you listen to their many mottos, one of them is, "There is nothing wrong with being greedy!")
Oh, and click on the bank manager link. I found the 2 that work at mine, convieniently in a picture together!

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