Friday, May 1, 2009

Obama and National saftey.

Apparently, the Republican party feels that President Barrack Obama, is not doing enough for the general safety of American citizens. I am honestly still too heated about being called a terrorist because of my military service to really notice if I feel any safer or not. And then it hit me. I did not FEEL any safer, nor did I FEEL any worse off. It is all relative. Heck, read enough posts on this page and you may feel doom and gloom by association. I, personally, do not feel any more safe than I did before Obama. More off, I guess if I had to pick a side, I would say I feel less safe.

I feel this video is more of a smear campaign, but it DOES make some great points.
So back to safety. Do i feel more safe the past 100 days? Well, reminded again that Barrack Obama called all OIF and OEF veterans Terrorists. How smart is it to piss off the men that fought for you that are now angry, tired, disgruntled, trained, armed, poor, and unemployed. I know that now that I wrote and read that, I feel less safe already.

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