Thursday, April 30, 2009

I hate STUPID internet advertising!!!

So what the hell is with these internet adds recently? They have stopped making sense... I took a screen shot of this one, and it is a .GIF image. It has 3 or 4 frames of the girl doing sit-ups, making an animation. The add is for, as you can see, AUTO INSURANCE... I have seen the same "Animated .GIF" in several other adds, ranging from Houses for rent, to House loan quotes.

Sadly, the internet is "Advertised Based". Mostly everything is funded through advertising on sites that generate traffic. Advertisements are a necessary evil to enjoy our sites for free. Come on, though. Really. If I am going to HAVE to see advertisements when I do nearly anything on the internet, can they at least make sense? I know that a company that puts out ads like that obviously will not take the time to be a good company for me to be a customer of.

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