Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Police, here to protect and serve...Again.

Obviously, during a protest, the woman in an almost all Pink get up is the biggest threat this cop has ever seen. There is positively NO way to defend this, either. That COP had no right to abuse his authority. He should go to jail for assault and be punished for abusing a woman in public. (The woman in jail is a part of a group called CODE PINK, a group that stands up for equal rights for women. I am sure she did NOT want to be beaten like a man would be beaten... almost funny lol)
Instead, the woman in pink regains consciousness and starts telling reporters that she was hit by a police officer for saying things he did not like and/or agree with. So much for free speech. When the officers see this, they realize that the fucktard officer that hit her was about to get in trouble, and in turn could get the whole department under the magnifying glass. They protected their own, arresting her before she could tell her story too much, charging her with a crime, I am sure. Luckily, it was caught on tape, probably saving this woman's ass from jail time for expressing her thoughts. I am again, reminded of the 1st amendment. I also am reminded that an OFFICER OF THE LAW INCAPACITATING WITH POTENTIALLY DEADLY FORCE AGAINST UNARMED CIVILIANS EXERCISING FREE SPEECH IS HIGHLY ILLEGAL.

You decide...

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