Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I understand that there are many kinds of censorship. One kind is meant to protect us from ourselves. Example: Music. Have you noticed that more and more of songs are getting censored? My wife was listening to lastFM, well, watching a music video actually. It was the song Sing for the Moment, by Eminem. I understand censoring "swear words." They do not personally bother me, but ok, have a CLEAN version. BUT, this is ridiculous. This particular song had the words "Gun", "Pistol", "Handgun", "I trust my gun.", and "My gun is my only homie." edited out of the song. No, not edited, CUT OUT. The swear words in the song were originally edited, with record scratching sounds covering them. The words "Gun" and such, were CUT out, meaning silence during those parts. It was easier to detect what the swear words are in the song with the limited record scratch sound over them, but the word "Pistol" is removed 100%, making you wonder what the FUCK (HAHAH I swore) the artist is talking about... this is unnesscesary, and controlling what someone says by "cutting it out," "deleting it", or "Blacking it out." for our protection, ILLEGAL CENSORSHIP. I am 28 years old and have seen more than any of the censors making these rules...and if Eminem talks about liking his hand gun, or talks about owning one, or hell, shooting one even, it's his RIGHT AS AN AMERICAN! Watch your guns, friends... they may be gone soon, as well as myself...when they are prying mine from my cold, dead hand.

And to end this post... I thought the soldiers went to war to support free speech...right? Why is what I listen to, or happen to listen to, pre-censored for my saftey?

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