Thursday, May 21, 2009

More Police Brutality

Granted, the asshole criminal driving here is reckless and dangerous. He deserves to be thrown out of his van. Theoretically he deserves to get his ass beat even, but I feel the ejection from the minivan to twisted, unconsciousness, was a fitting punishment. Apparently the officer needed to add a flying baton hit, to get full force of his swing, on an unconscious man. And then more officers continue to hold down the non resisting man while they all take strikes at the helpless man. A little overkill...
Cops Show Him A Beating
However, now that I built a sympathy case for the criminal, think of it from the police officers perspective. If you start at the very beginning of the tape, you will see an officer deploying spike strips in front of the perpetrator. The criminal DOES intentionally swerve and hit the officer. From the looks of it, that officer got his ankle caught and probably will never walk normally again.
So, having seen a friend or partner get injured and nearly killed, I can understand their anger in their friends near death.
You decide...


  1. The police are going to find, that they can only push the people so far. They will reap whatever they have sown, I predict.

    Citizens strike back at the bad cops:

  2. HAHAHA serves them right too. As long as none got killed, I feel it is justified. I mean, honestly, WHY THE FUCK would you beat a handcuffed "ciminal" (trespasser is more like it) in front of 30,000 some people? Not the best planning. I bet those 4 specific cops will never tackle a soccer fan again. LOL