Sunday, April 26, 2009

Respect of Americans vs. Foreigners

Have you ever noticed that everyone has something to complain about. I mean, look at me, I am complaining about people complaining all the time, and yet, on this blog, that no one but myself reads, I sit here and complain about America, the world, and well, everything. I was watching South Park online and it was the episode of Cartoon Wars 1 when I found a great example of Americans being more concerned for foreigners, that live THOUSANDS of miles away, on other continents, across the planet, than concern for Americans. It absolutely bothers me that this one episode has made me question what "Free Speech" America has.

Example: When the creators of the Family Guy announce that they will show the image of the prophet, Mohammed, on new episode, the network threatens to ban the episode. One of thcomedy needs to have boundaries. The MAIN boundary is that either EVERYTHING is game to be made fun of. It's either everything is a target, or nothing should be made fun of. We can't pick and choose what is proper funny and what isnt proper funny. Everything, or nothing. That, in essence, is protecting FREEDOM OF SPEECH. The first Amendment. The minute we give into someone else's demands becuase they have no sense of humor, thats when all is lost. Yet, I will point out how the staff of South Park, Comedy Central, and the FCA, have stepped all over the first amendment, while acting like the are promoting, defending it.

So in episode two, Cartoon Wars 2, they "attempt" to show Mohammed to defy the terrorists. When the part with Mohammed shown is played, a black screen blanks out the whole screen, with a message, stating, "In this shot, Mohammed hands a football helmet to family guy." Followed by another screen, stating, "Comedy Central has refused to broadcast an image of Mohammed on their network." That right there, is showing that Commedy Central and the creators of South Park, after preaching about All humor is fair targets, or no humor is. Yet, they still go on to censor Mohammed becuase of fear of backlash from the muslim nation. Yet, 2 or 3 minutes later, they go on to show Jesus pooping on American citizen's. I personally do not care too much, yet I find it funny to take the Lord and Savior of 70% of the American's religion, is a target for joking. So, we can make fun of our own people, that live among us, without care about their feelings, correct? And for foreign people, we care about them, and dont want to hurt their feelings? My question is, if they hate it so much, why are you watching American programing? Censorship, in my opinion, by not making fun of muslims, but still making fun of christians and catholics, while preaching equal rights when it comes to topics and joking.

Now I understand that the censorship could even be a joke, joking about how Americans freak about terrorist threats. I personally, would have found it funny, had they not mocked a majority of Americans in a worse, more blatant way. After all, all Mohammed did was hand Peter of family guy, a helmet. Jesus is SHITTING on people. And this is ok? As long as we are the same...Nationality, everything is game to make fun of?

Maybe I just hate everything too much.

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