Wednesday, April 29, 2009

North Korea, the little country that couldnt.

First off, I want to make it clear that I DO NOT support North Korea is not my ally. I served in South Korea, stationed at Camp Casey and Camp Grieves, on the DMZ, so I have a better understanding than the average blogger about the area, situation, armies...though I cannot lie, my on ground, in area, tactical data and knowledge is outdated to an extent, about 6 years old now. Nonetheless, I feel I have a right to be complaining, as per usual.

Above: North Korea's most recent rocket test, released by N.K.

According to CNN, the North Koreans are threatening the world with more missile tests if the world does not stop condemning it's most recent test. Furthermore, they are threatening to start testing Nuclear Explosions. This would be a huge step in N.K.'s nuclear arms program.

Now this is where I start to complain. As much as I hate to say it, I feel that the U.N. is kind of starting to piss me off. Granted, I hate the thought of Nuclear War, (and find it extremely fascinating) but where was the U.N. when America, Russia, and other countries were testing nuclear weapons? How can we decide that N.K. does not deserve the right to have equal tactical defenses. I mean, we fight wars with "rules" such as the guidelines set by the Geneva Convention. How are we telling a whole country, that they cannot build weapons of equal strength of their enemies?

Think of it this way... If you are playing a tactical war game on the computer, and the enemy player spends a lot of time researching nuclear weapons. Now that your army is catching up, you know you need the same kind of technology, or fear being wiped out/bullied around too easily. Yet, the game you are playing, WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO RESEARCH because the program is written to not allow you to research.

War is not fair. Hell, war is definitely not a game. I still don't blame North Korea for their actions in trying to "balance the battlefield".

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