Saturday, April 25, 2009

America..Land of the free, because of the...terrorists?

So this is a new one... "America, land of the free because of the terrorists." Originally, this quote is supposed to read, "America, land of the free, because of the Brave." However, thanks to the Obama legislation and Department of Homeland Security coordinator, Janet Naplitano, every single U.S. soldier that served in Iraq is now on the D.H.S. Terrorist Watch list. Up until the recent bailout, and excessive amounts of money we are borrowing, I have had very little to complain about about Barack Obama.
As it stands, there are no longer war heroes that risked life and limb for America, there are only "terrorists" that served the United States of American military, fighting terrorists overseas for the common good of the American people. Soldiers and Marines that have seen more than enough war in their times, already deployed 3 times at 20 years old, to return to be "watched" by big brother as a thank you for their services.
I personally take offense to this remark. I served in the Army Infantry to fight foreign enemies of the United States of America. Now I am a terrorist? I know veterans that were in the Vietnam war, WWII, Korea, and Panama. I know sailors that have helped Nasa with missions at sea, to return to be "watched." I have always felt that these people may have some issues of their own, but now, literally, we are being watched. As if the injuries sustained in combat were not enough, now I have to feel like a bad guy in my own country... this is NOT the America I grew up in, and definitly not the America I served when I was deployed to combat...

Terrorist Watch List Artilce....Here

Also, just to finish up... wasn't Bill Ayers, the man who Obama had a casual friendship with in his college years, arrested with his associates that killed innocent Americans with anti war actions? Funny how he, Bill Ayers, is not a terrorist. Funy that he was so anti-war back in the day... and its even more funny that he is not a veteran and has never served his country, yet he is not a terrorist. I am though. Fun times.

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