Thursday, April 30, 2009

If soldiers are terrorists, than these guys must be?

Soldiers are Terrorists? And these guys are...probably a majority of them are rich, over privileged kids with too much time on their hands. CHILDREN, that feel they the right to free speech is a right, not a privilege. These are stupid children being stupid children... So it is funny that the Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom veterans are on the "Terrorist Watch List." I wonder how many of these uneducated morons are on the terrorist watch list? It must be cool to be swept up in a movement you do not understand, but are willing to lay it all out on a line for lies you have been fed... Hiding behind your masks like grownups do when they have something to say.

Sure, I have "Anarchy" A's n the banner title "America"... but I support the troops always...Hell I am one... with that in mind... I want to close on this thought...

Hey...All of you anarchist that believe ideals like these dumbfucks in the picture above, just remember one thing... The soldiers you say "Fuck the Troops" to, are the same ones that are fighting, dying, and bleeding for you to have the right to your own misuse of "Freedom of Speech." Furthermore, the same soldiers are giving up their freedom and lives so you can sleep safely in the bed at night and dream about how big of an adult you feel like when you see yourself in these pictures 20 years from now. Good thing you are wearing masks...Becuase I DO not have a job... I have a lot of time on my hands... And i have the training and weaponry to show you how I TRUELY feel about your comments and attitudes, now that I am a civillian. But strangely enough, I find I am a bigger man by pointing out your flaws rather than reacting with violence.

Fight the power... fuck the governement... fuck the president. It is mostly just noise to me anyways by uniformed people. But whatever your stance, ALWAYS SUPPORT THE TROOPS. Respect your veterans in your communities...It is not our fault that the GOVERNMENT, which screws over alot of its own employees, and members on congress mess up.

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