Saturday, April 4, 2009

Alabama Senate Bill 337

Alabama Senate Bill 337... what a joke if you ask me. I am sure nobody asked, but I am answering. The SB 337 is the AT&T deregulation Bill, essentially banning voice over Internet protocol (VOIP, or telephone services like skype, vonage, cable companies.) telecommunications in parts of Alabama. AT&T feel its not fair to be undercut so much, considering they cannot keep up with the current prices offered by these VOIP companies. The MAIN issue is, the VOIP companies use the major companies own internet connections to run the VOIP. Bandwidth is used, and the major companies want to get money for the information they are transferring, being free for the consumer using VOIP. However, the VOIP companies, GOOGLE, YAHOO, etc etc, all pay for the bandwidth they use monthly. Banning the VOIP in Alabama essentially makes it so citizens would have far less choices in phone service, which many smaller towns, cities, rural areas and farms rely on heavily, at the same shitty high prices they all offer. I am sorry, but if you charge $30.00 or more a month for service, and someone offers much better service for $60.00 for a year, why would anyone choose overpriced services? Supporters of the bill argue that adequate competition exists, these being the handful of major companies, all offering nearly the same, extremely over inflated prices. Further more, these companies are soooo greedy that they are even increasing the total cost monthly to the senior citizens "life connection" phone line, a greatly reduced service for elderly people to make sure they have phone access in case of an emergency.
Here is how I feel. First off, this is absolutely terrible. When has it been alright for the Government to tell me which phone service, or any "luxury service" (cable, satellite TV, cellphone, internet, etc etc) for that matter, that i must use? If the government can tell me what company i HAVE to use, then what in the FUCK did i go to war for? I know i did not go to war to have someone in a failing industry convince the government with money tributes tell me how i need to spend my money. The phone companies are failing for a reason, and that's because they are not managed properly, outdated, and essentially, archaic technology. I learned the concept of business in high school, and it goes something like this:
If there is a demand, then the supply must be made. When the demand dwindles, and supply continues, then there is an issue.
Obviously, people are not using landlines as much as in the past. Sure, the phone company wants us to use them, considering i am sure 20 years ago, hell, 10 years ago, they felt pretty secure in there business, not knowing that VOIP would be a much better technology and service. So, instead of banning businesses that are doing good work, advertising properly, and essentially, not FAILING, we should support them, not support a failing, old, expensive business like they want us too. Besides, if the VOIP companies can make great profit charging 80-90% less than the phone companies are, how much do these major phone companies make with those inflated prices?
The government is creating a monopoly of phone companies, surely receiving support or aid, one way or another in supporting this crappy, unAmerican, bill.

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