Monday, March 23, 2009


Random thought. Has anyone ever wondered about the payback policy on all the money getting "loaned" out our country? I know that most places wont even think twice about loaning me $300, and that even goes for my own parents. Yet, a country that is completely in debt, in a recession, no, a depression, 2 different war fronts to finance and prepare. Our imaginary money market, Stock Market, is helping destroy the international money markets. First question is, why would anyone lend us this money. To me, America looks like an 18 year old with too much debt. However, this 18 year old is about to be a big movie star, so credit companies lend out line after line of credit, because a movie star can pay them back in the future. What happens now? The movie star got caught in a scandal, and now there is no hope for that job or the big money, and lots of debt. No collection agency is going to accept "I did not get the job with the big money." Instead, they will hurt the credit score, and threaten legal actions, etc etc. Now what if the collection agency is a country with millions of poor, desperate armed people? People that say, "You cant pay us back? We will just take it." That leads to bad news. Think of it. America is attractive place. Lots of land, lots of places to grow food and crops, great location. 2 coasts for shipping and food. Point is, if we are not careful, and not able to pay up, we may be headed for worse times. Trade embargoes against the U.S., for example, could be a start to force us to repay. Shipping from the angry countries could cease, along with trade talks. Open war is always an option. Complete breakdown of "alliances" as the population increases, food and land decrease, and money is scarce. Recipe for DISASTER.

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