Monday, May 25, 2009

Youth Combat Training

Explorer Scouts ready for training. MP5 Air soft Submachine Guns, Pistols, and all
other roles available.

Thanks to AdamS for sending me this story. Apparently, explorer scouts, or the more "mature" Boy Scouts, has a combat training program available for youths 14 and up. Now this seems really cool. Hell, it looks fun, and I've done this stuff in real life.

The Boy Scouts of America allow Deputy Lowenthal to allow students with a "C" average and is 14 years old to join his explorer scouts police training program. With courses that SWAT teams use, to simulated terrorist hostage negotiations and takedowns, to full frontal assaults on enemy held buildings. I would have begged my parents to let me in this if it were around when I were a kid.

Now here are the problems I see, and I really appreaciate if ya'll can comment on this for me so I know I am not alone. (I feel like I MAY be overeacting)

1. A "C" average? Really? Students with a "C" average show that they cannot commit to daily activities, such as school. Also, a "C" average states to me, possible issue with Discipline. (Not meeting deadlines, keeping track of assignments, not doing everything possible for A, which is Perfect) I figure if you are training CHILDREN TO USE WEAPONS TO KILL TERRORISTS, which is not their job, then at BARE MINIMUM, take the ones able to show discipline and commitment. Weapons are very easy to find, and if trained properly, are far easier to deploy on a human being. Maybe "C" average...with the current failing education systems, is the equivelant to a "B" average when I went to school.
2. With this training, you need rules guidlines, and boundaries. SURE, the children are "monitored." Sure they are taught appropriate resoposes, including escalation of force. The thing is, CHILDREN ARE CHILDREN, and this is WHY the military DOES NOT TRAIN until 18. Sure, ROTC. However ROTC focuses on far less threatening things: Survival skills, map reading, physical fitness, rank structure, military protocol and sop's, and drill and ceremony. This "Boy Scouts/Explorer scouts" focuses on Military Operations in Uraban Enviorments, or mout. It focueses on enter and clearing rooms, hostage resue, prisoner detainment...well the works. These kids are proficiently trained on better weaponry than most of the Unites States Military.
3. Gangs. Violence. Vigilantism. What happens when a "C Average youth SWAT officer" quits? Or gets mad at the group, or gets recruited by a local gang, enticed by BIG money, drugs, and women? Something the POLICE do not offer? Or what happens when one of these "Trained" kids witnesses a robbery. Is he going to assume the REAL police officers job and try to stop the robbery becuase he feels he has sufficient training? Sure, teach kids all the restraint you want, it doesnt stop anger/fear, especially to young, still developing minds. Or, it is far easier for these perfect "C average" teenagers. Besides, if you are trained, and no one will know you did it, what stops you? Kids are kids, and they FUCK up almost everything. Thats why when we train people to use weapons and tactics, we make them have a commitment and use it for good first. Not take a boy scout oath and promise to be a good child.
4. Remind you of Hitler youth? Or of pictures of terrorist children, dressed in arab garb carrying AK47's? Or is it different, becuase these are "Boy Scouts of America sponspored Explorer scouts," wear American flags on their shoulders, and look and dress in are garb? Just becuase our ENEMIES train children, does not mean we should.
5. What's next? If you serve 2 years with Explorer scouts combat team, you can carry a gun to school and in your neighborhood to assist the police with violence and response time? Maybe that's a stretch, but things are getting fucked up.
6. There is NO commitment. You can learn advanced tactics, and leave. Never joining the police, military, or DOD. Now you have a trained person with nothing to do. Hrmmmmm.

Arabic Child Terrorists

Hitler Youth

Point is this... children are children. Men are men. Men fight terrorists. Children DO NOT FIGHT unless there is no other option. If it gets to that point though, where children are frontline defensive measures against possible terrorists, we are all royally fucked. Children on neighborhood watch, armed and "trained"? sigh... I hope that I am crazy....crazy crazy crazy
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  1. Good post, I agree with what you said. I'd also add that they might not be of fighting age yet, but by the time they are, they will not only be well *trained*, but well *indoctrinated*.

    That's why, in the scenarios, they are training to take on veterans. Of course, the "veteran" in the training event is out of control, but it trains the kids that veterans are the enemy.

    Give it a few years, they'll be full fighting age, ready to take on veterans and gun owners, who as you said, are the new terrorists (because they are the biggest threat to the bankers/government).

    In a way I feel sorry for the kids the most, because if this (martial law/gun confiscation) ever really happens it'll be a bloodbath - for them especially.

  2. Indeed... It's scary... good thing I was a shock trooper (heavy infantry) because when it's my time, I'll take several of them with me. I won't be a pushover at least.

  3. I think these kids are in for a lot of trouble. Brainwashing, indeed. Poor things think they are having fun!