Saturday, May 16, 2009

Police, here to protect and serve.

Trust the police... after all, they are here to serve and protect. Now, understand, I really support police officers. BUT, there are becoming far too many DIRTY cops, sullying the name of the good ones. This makes for a general "mistrust of authority." Sadly, videos like these become more and more common, and it makes me wonder a few things, mainly: Are police officers becoming more aggressive due to lack of standards in training and more aggressive population, or is it that technology is is getting better and these videos are just more easily found? Personally, I think it is the first choice. Watch this video and decide.

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  1. Ah, that's a tough one. There certainly has been police brutality throughout history. But nowadays, the attitude among some officers is that hey, nobody's going to stop us, so we might as well do whatever we want. The number of times you'll see someone get tasered while not behaving in a threatening way, or even while being restrained...the good officers have a hard time making up for some of their colleagues.

    While you're on this subject, there's a good site called Oath Keepers:
    It's a blog of American military and police, who pledge to keep their oath to the US Constitution and basically not do that kind of crazy stuff ^

  2. I just had a conversation about bad cops not 2 hours ago... It just seems like people in general, cops included, don't use common sense or think outside the box anymore.

    Anyway, here in the border states we see dirty cops and border patrol all the time...

  3. Agreed to both of you... What I deem lack of standards is... Well, in the Army, basic training used to break you down, and then build you up. As time goes by, and society "matures", the tough parts essentially get phased out, creating weaker and less trained soldiers. I feel with the economy, and funding issues alone, that calls for a similar degradation in training of police officers. Also, more population, more criminals, less money, less cops to patrol. It's a two way street, and the good ones are stuck for the bumpy ride.

  4. WHAHAHAHAHA BOOT TO THE HEAD! Out of control! And add the High Five for added effect... I wonder what this jackass did?

  5. Society is interesting. We hate abuse of power, and anger, but we love our Cops tv shows, and videos that made this blog possible. The fact that his officer was above and beyond his required duty is obvious. He should have shook the suspects hand for stopping his little run and lying down on the ground. Like all of society cops are part of us, intermingled like that nasty chunk of food stuck in your teeth. We all like to think that cops are here to help us, and are public servants and everything; but that is wrong and misguided. Cops for all future purposes enforce laws that other people from society decided was good. I see that the 'good' here is subjective and by trend so are cops. I do believe there are still some cops out there that would help you change a flat tire, or would drive you to an auto shop but, the matter at hand is that cops are told not to help people because it is dangerous.
    I've had my fair share of time with officers of the law, and I've found that most of them are decent enough people. The main problem arises as cops pretend they are not part of society. They forget that they are still people, and the same as everyone else. This problem is exacerbated by (anger in the video) environmental problems, mostly caused by the activity the cops are involved (breaking a sweat). Now we can say that the criminal deserved it, or that he shouldn't have run, or ten thousand other things that don't make kicking a prone man in the head with a steal toe boot (yes, all officers in MN at least since 2002 are required to wear steal toed shoes). I don't know what that man in the video did, or why he was running, but I do know *having recieved a ticket in LA* that the officers in california are more angry and rash than here in MN. In a major way they have dealt with gangs, drugs, and violent crime to a point that we don't see in MN but every twenty years or so. The very high rate of criminal activity that tends to be more violent would necessarily lead to more angry, and violent cops. I mean you can't fight a gun with a loaf of bread.
    In closing, I want to add that I hate OFFICERS of the law. I loath their position in society to nearly the same extent as politicians with marketing degrees. The law is mostly the problem in that we have laws that should have never been written, and justifiably forgotten like jay walking. Most of the motor vehicle laws follow this line of thought because without law, there is no crime. Safe travels and keep those tails lights lit. haha

  6. HAHAHAHAHAH Nice post Jordan! HAHAHAHAHA I can actually remember times you and I have dealt with the cops...that weren't too rational lol! Chem Lights (Glow Sticks) remind you of a time? HAHAHAH.. but I will say this as site moderator... Jordan has gotten F'd by the cops before for b.s. So I completely understand your hate for officers.

    But in a personal note... think of how cool the state trooper that lives across the street from my parents was... lol... i mean REALLY think about it lol.

    Nice comment