Friday, May 22, 2009

Americans Are Dumb, Apparently

Do you understand that Logo? It is Science Fiction Channel, in case you did not know it. Apparently, people were calling it "Skiffy" instead of "Sci Fi". Are Americans that stupid? Apparently, we are. The new logo looks like this...
Really now? "SyFy" What the hell is this? Let's just dumb down people instead of correcting them and teaching the the proper pronunciation. I mean, the channel has only been around for 10 years or so, let's change everything that's been succsessful!
(Sci Fi Channel Claims it is changing its name to copyright the name "SyFy", becuase "Sci Fi" is too broad a term to copyright. Funny there already is another international Giant shiping company called "SyFi". AHAHAHA)


  1. "Skiffy" actually was a big problem in the pronounciation of "Sci Fi", i wish i was making it up.

  2. Syence Fyction, eh? lol

    Quotes from the internets:

    "The study surveyed 1,000 high schoolers and found that just 36% know Ramadan is the Islamic holy month; 17% said it was the Jewish day of atonement."

    "Two thirds of high-school seniors in 2006 couldn't explain an old photo of a sign over a theater door reading COLORED ENTRANCE. In 2001, 52 percent identified Germany, Japan or Italy, not the Soviet Union, as America's World War II ally."

    "How many young people read newspapers? Just 20 percent. But surely today's youth are getting their news from the Internet? Sorry. Only 11 percent of the young report that they regularly surf the Internet for news."

    I think it's all the mercury and fluoride. Mmm, fluoride. Delicious and nutritious. ;)

  3. Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad numbers...and true no doubt. The new students flooding my college campus are slower, idiotic, and cannot do a thing for themselves. As time goes on we get more dependent on technology and less dependent on ourselves. (Everything from day to day interaction to health)

  4. Oh, and teens now have no respect period. Even the "good" ones are busy texting away, ignoring instructors and professors, and talking back... sigh. I'd smack 'em if I wouldnt go to jail.